Ecomfort 7 Zone Advanced Pocket Spring System

Ecomfort 7 Zone Pocket Spring System

Our 7 Zone Pocket Spring system which ensure better alignment and support. 1500 individually wrapped pocket springs in queen mattress. 
Zone 1 - Head and Neck zone –  This zone will support your head and neck to help prevent the neck pain.
Zone 2 - Shoulder & Upper Back Zone – This zone will give you adequate support to your shoulder and upper back zone because this soft zone will allow your shoulders to sink in slightly.
Zone 3 - Lumbar Zone – Essential for lower back comfort, the lumbar zone is the most firm section, provides support for the natural curve in your back and prevents the spine from sagging. 
Zone 4 - Pelvic Zone – This zone allows your hips to contour to the mattress for pressure point relief and spinal alignment.
Zone 5 - Knee Zone – The knee zone is the same firmness as the lumbar zone. This zone provides the correct support for your knees and helps to ease inflamed joints.
Zone 6 - Lower Leg Zone – The lower leg zone features the same firmness as the shoulder & upper back zone. It provides comfort and pressure point relief to your lower legs.
Zone 7 - Foot & Ankle Zone – Constructed with the same firmness as the head & neck zone, this zone provides comfort and pressure point relief to your feet and ankles.
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