How to dispose of an old mattress in NZ (for free)

How to dispose of an old mattress in NZ (for free)

Quite new or still as good as new?

  • Sell it.

Though you may no longer have a need for the mattress, there will be someone out there willing to get a good price on a quality one so why not sell it or gift it to someone else? So long as your mattress is clean, unsoiled, and structurally sound, you can use platforms such as TradeMe or Facebook marketplace to list it. Just follow these tips:

      • Clean and sanitise the mattress
      • Take high-quality photos that accurately represent the mattress’ condition
      • Give a clear and honest description
      • Set a fair price

(please note that once there is a change of ownership on the mattress, the warranty becomes null and void)


  • Donate it 

Donate it to one of your local non-profit organisations. Though they may be a bit stricter on the condition of the mattress so before you contact them, you want to make sure it’s in good condition. This means no:

      • Stains
      • Mould
      • Infestations
      • Odours
      • Torn/worn-out fabric
      • Noisy or broken springs
      • Structural issues
      • Lumps or indentations 

If you wouldn’t sleep on it, it most likely won’t be accepted by any charities. Also, make sure you call ahead as they might not currently need or have any room for a mattress. Below are some organisations you can ask:

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