Postureline Firm
Postureline Firm

Postureline Firm

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Most Advanced Back Support Mattress in New Zealand

The mattress speaks for itself. You + Postureline mattress = an amazing night’s sleep!

Great Back Support

Ecomfort Latex foam is extremely comfortable. Promote proper spine alignment and decreased motion transfer. An ideal choice for those with back pain or joint pain.

Optimal Comfort

Our advanced mini spring system provides support to the 7 important zones in your body, cushioning points such as your shoulders and hips while aligning your spine.


The Tencel material is created with HealthGuard technology. Long term protection against a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, moulds, and dust mites. Exhibiting an Oeko-Tex international registration.

What’s the Secret?

No matter how small, everything in our Ecomfort Postureline or Postureline Firm mattress works to provide you with an amazing sleep.

Natural Latex Foam

Natural latex is very supportive, durable, and eco-friendly and good for those who suffer from allergies as it is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and breathable with an open cell structure allowing air flow. 

Ecomfort Mini Coil Pocket Spring

There are 1500+ individually wrapped mini pocket springs in queen bed and all working to provide the best comfort and ensure best possible feedback from our bed.

Natural Tencel Fabric

Alluring eco-conscious natural fibre. Efficient water repellent fabric allows you to stay cosy and dry at night, while it’s soft and gentle surface is supple to the touch. It has HealthGuard® technology to ward off bacteria and other unwanted microbial life.

Ecomfort Total Body Support®

7-zone layout with different firmness levels to match the 7 important zones in your body

7 Zone Support

Our Advanced Mini Coil pocket springs are uniquely formed in a 7-zone layout to provide you with a supportive and undisturbed night’s sleep. This 7-zone pocket spring mattress ensures you can relax while the mattress works to relieve all your pressure points and provide you with perfect back support.

How it Work?

These 7 zones are positioned to adhere to the 7 important zones in your body, starting with the head and neck, to the shoulders and upper back, lower back, hips, knees, lower leg, and feet. Each section is anatomically designed to a different firmness or softness to create support, flexibility, and comfort.

360º Total Edge Support

The Ecomfort Postureline’s mattress edge is encased with High Density Super Foam, which is a firmer foam that not only encases the pocket spring system but ensures the edge of the mattress remains firm. This ensures you can sleep comfortably near the edge of the bed without feeling like you will fall off, increasing you’re sleeping surface.

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Designed for Kiwis

New Zealand Owned

We are committed to long term local manufacturing to meet the highest standards

New Zealand Made

We proudly manufacture our mattresses right here in the New Zealand. Our Factory based in Wiri, Auckland

For New Zealanders

We only selling products in New Zealand because exclusively design for Kiwi standards

Unmatched Warranty

10 Years on Mattress and 5 Years on Headboards & Bed Base


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