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Ecomfort 7 Zone Mini Pocket Springs

Ecomfort 7 Zone Mini Pocket Springs is unique with distinctive design which gives a firmer and supportive response when body pressure is applied. As the middle part of the coil is firmer and adjacent where as the top and bottom of the coil are broader producing an initial soft and luxurious feel.

Ecomfort 7 Zone Mini Pocket Springs

Ecomfort Mini Coil Pocket Spring responds quicker to the body movements while changing sleeping positions and provides unmatched level of support, flexibility and comfort. Our mini pocket spring is formed in 7 Zone Pocket spring which provides sleeper a truly supportive and pressure relieving Sleep and will support your Spine, neck and shoulder with upper back, Lumber and Pelvic to lower body . It is anatomically designed for correct sleeping posture and provide exquisite comfort.

Tencel Fabrics

Tencel is eco-friendly. Breathable fabric. It is 100% biodegradable and antibacterial due to its excellent moisture management. Other advantages of Tencel over other cotton fabrics are it is static-free, and it is durable. Moisture Management, Gentle on Skin, Color Retention, Botanic Orgin

Graphite Foam

For the absolute best in comfort and performance, there’s a new memory foam material in the mattress world that is by far and away the best. Graphite infused memory foam mattresses are a new breed that combine the benefits of memory foam and graphite to create the ultimate sleep experience. The combination provides a super breathable heat-removing surface to disperse heat out and away keeping you cool throughout the night. The open-cell structure gives modern memory foam mattresses a very responsive, pressure relieving, and comfortable feel.

High Density Foam

Providing the greatest degree of support, those with higher density are the best choice for people with back pain. Longevity: High-density foam mattresses last much longer than their lower-density counterparts.
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